Airflow Polishing Treatment

Indicated for the comfortable treatment of deep pocketing and implant maintenance as well as brightening and whitening your smile

Have you ever avoided going to the dentist as you were worried how painful a simple scale and polish would be?

Air flow polishing eradicates the feeling of dental discomfort associated with root planing as it doesn’t use sharp dental instruments to scrape plaque away. Instead it uses air to blast away harmful dental damage. Tiny Air-Flow Powder® particles are aimed toward the stains caused by harmful microorganisms above and below the gum-line. At high velocity these soft particles efficiently remove plaque without the discomfort associated with traditional forms of root planing.

If you suffer from peri-implantitis, which affects the soft tissue surrounding dental implants, you should consider Air-Flow Powder PLUS® which is effective at removing plaque up to 14 mm below the gum line. This also works just as effectively on natural teeth in need of a deep clean.

A layer of bio-film below the sub-gingival level needs to be removed safely. The high number of soft particles aimed below the gum line does this securely, without the likelihood of causing long term damage below the gum-line threshold.

Air Flow® is dental technology at its finest. Here are the benefits of this revolutionary treatment:

  • Air Flow Powder Plus® will remove bio-film safely
  • The treatment works efficiently
  • Less discomfort
  • Removes microorganisms, plaque and stains
  • Prevents Gingivitis, Periodontitis and Peri-implantitis below the gum-line
  • Can be used to clean the teeth prior to orthodontics

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