Why should I replace missing teeth?

Although replacing one or more missing teeth is a choice, there are reasons why it is beneficial to do so including:

  • Missing teeth gaps may cause existing teeth to shift out of their correct position.
  • Risk of oral trauma is raised as bite or occlusion is affected.
  • Trapped food debris found in between the teeth may trigger decay.
  • Irregular spaces in the mouth may cause bone loss that adjusts facial volume.
  • A person's smile is impacted by unsightly teeth gaps.
  • Replacing missing teeth with a dental restoration such as a bridge gives healthy oral function and a more balanced appearance.
  • What are bridges made of?

    Most bridges comprise of either a precious metal base or a base consisting of a blend of precious and non-precious metals. Porcelain is then bonded to the base for a natural-looking tooth appearance.

    Are bridges expensive?

    The durability of bridges as a missing teeth replacement far outweighs the initial cost over time. The value gained in improving occlusion and dental health saves money in the long run. A person's appearance is improved, building confidence in self-image and quality of life.

    The cost of a bridge may vary depending on the type of bridge and practice, whether private or NHS provided. Therefore some bridge treatments may be more expensive than others.

    How do I look after my bridge?

    The dentist will correctly advise on wear and care of the dental bridge. The usual six-monthly dental check-ups and three-monthly hygiene visits are recommended where the condition of the bridge can be monitored.

    Bridges do require special cleaning to ensure food debris does not get trapped below the bridge. Either the dentist or dental hygienist will demonstrate how to clean this area using either bridge-friendly dental floss or a bridge cleaning instrument. If a bridge becomes damaged, contact the dentist immediately for assessment and repair if needed.

    Are there different types of bridge?

    There are different types of bridges depending on their construction and materials used. The dentist evaluates an individual's oral health and recommends the most suitable type of bridge as treatment.

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