Compact Tuft

It is a type of toothbrush designed for cleaning teeth (that have recently erupted) or teeth restorations, such as dental implants. A dentist will advise on the suitable use of a compact tuft for dental care. The compact tuft toothbrush consists of low, durable filaments within one tuft for specialist oral cleaning.

A compact tuft toothbrush is not intended to replace a normal toothbrush for teeth cleaning, but may be used in combination as part of daily oral hygiene practice. Standard toothbrushes may not reach all areas inside the mouth, particularly around certain dental restorations. A compact tuft toothbrush is a gentler alternative, designed to access hard-to-reach areas for effective teeth cleaning.

How is it used?

In contrast to a standard toothbrush, the compact tuft toothbrush contains filaments that splay during use to effectively reach the entire tooth surface and gum line for plaque removal. By rotating the compact tuft filaments 45 degrees along the gum line, plaque may be entirely cleaned away. The compact tuft toothbrush may be similarly used around a newly erupted tooth to clean away any plaque developing on its surface and just below the gum margin.

Your dentist or hygienist may provide guidance on when and how to use a compact tuft toothbrush. Usually, compact tuft toothbrushes are used at least once daily as part of an oral hygiene regimen.


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