Enamel Stripping

This is an alternative treatment for preventing dental overcrowding. Some of the surface enamel is removed so that teeth appear to be aligned correctly.

Is it painful?

The enamel stripping procedure is not painful. The dentist will advise before treatment on what to expect from enamel stripping.

What is the treatment like?

Enamel stripping procedures are usually applied to the six front teeth of the smile zone where overcrowding is present. The amount of teeth that require treatment will depend on the level of overcrowding and space available.

Is a retainer still needed?

After enamel stripping procedures, teeth are usually repositioned with a fixed braces system. Once treatment with the fixed braces system completes, a bonded retainer may be worn to keep the teeth in their new position. The retainers are bonded to the newly aligned teeth so that they do not shift out of place.

Fixed brace

Treatment duration differs per person based on orthodontic condition and the amount of teeth that need repositioning. The orthodontist assesses a person's dental health and makes recommendations accordingly. Fixed braces may be worn more or less for approximately 18 months after which the permanent retainers are bonded to the teeth for permanent retention.

Does it cause any lasting damage?

The enamel stripping procedure is a dentistry recognised treatment for overcrowded teeth, and is designed to straighten, not damage teeth. Removing tooth enamel does alter tooth structure but this is a crucial part of the treatment process for aligning front teeth.

Will I need additional treatment?

The condition of the mouth changes over time and any treatment may require repeat care. Any future treatment depends on the type of oral changes that may occur. The dentist schedules follow-up appointments to monitor current oral health status.

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