Lost Canine Guidance

Lost canine guidance occurs when the canine teeth are worn. Usually, the canine teeth provide protection for the molars because they are longer and prevent the molar teeth from coming together when the jaw moves during chewing and grinding actions.

How is protection from the canine teeth lost?

Protection is lost when the canine teeth are damaged and the molars touch when you are chewing or grinding food. This is most commonly caused by bruxism (clenching or teeth grinding) and is known as group function, which augments the chances of harm to the molar teeth.

How can canine protection be regained?

The best method of restoring canine protection is to add white fillings to the canine teeth. Fillings can be applied to the tips of the canine teeth or filling material can be built into an existing crown where applicable.

What are the results?

Your teeth will not look dramatically different, but they will look like they did before the canines became worn. If protection is lost it is doable to repeat treatment.

Is treatment expensive?

White fillings are relatively cheap, but choosing crowns or veneers will be much more costly. If you don't have treatment the molars may fracture.

Will canine protection make my teeth safer?

Yes, canine protection will reduce the threat of harm to the molars. Following treatment, you should clean your teeth as normal and make sure you visit your dentist for regular check-ups.

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