Tongue Cleansing

Ninety per cent of us have problems with bad breath from time to time, and everyone knows the importance of brushing their teeth. However, recent scientific studies have shown that it is just as important to clean the tongue as brushing the teeth. The majority of bad breath originates from the tongue, right at the back of the mouth, and using a high-quality tongue cleanser is seven times more effective at combatting odours than simply using a toothbrush on the tongue.

How does it work?

Most of the micro-organisms which cause bad breath are to be found on the tongue. A tongue cleanser works by removing bacteria from the deep crevices and ridges on the surface of the tongue, and is the ideal way to rid the mouth of organisms that cause plaque, bad breath and decayed teeth. Using one as part of a routine, along with brushing and flossing, is more effective than solely using a toothbrush.

Even 'smokers' breath' can be reduced by tongue cleansing, as a cleanser will remove the thick brown coating that smoking causes to form on the tongue's surface.

The Tongue Detox Cleanser

The Tongue Detox cleanser tackles bad breath by removing dead cells, fragments of food and bacteria-causing plaque to leave a cleaner mouth. It also eliminates a gelatinous, brown coating on the tongue that can lead to bad breath. Its specialist design, including lightweight, supple plastic and an ergonomically designed handle, make it user-friendly and safe to use. It also minimises the gag reflex, making for a more pleasant experience. The distinctive minty, clean smell will leave a fresh and clean feeling in the mouth.

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