Hygienist Treatments

A Clean Mouth is a Healthy Mouth

Dental hygiene ensures that the mouth stays healthy, clean and fresh. Either practiced at home or received within our practice, keeping the mouth clean prevents against oral diseases that may impact overall health.

A home dental hygiene regimen may consist of teeth brushing, flossing and mouth rinsing according to dentist-recommended techniques. Brushing and flossing teeth after meals, before sleep and on awakening removes food debris and plaque, keeping bacteria at bay. Improper oral hygiene practice may lead to tooth decay and gum disease.

What does a Hygienist do?

Regular three to six-monthly dental visits allow the dental hygienist to check oral hygiene and provide advice where needed.

  • The teeth are cleaned, scaled and polished to ensure they remain white, smooth and shiny.
  • The trapped food debris found in hard-to-reach dental grooves is removed.
  • The tartar is removed from teeth through scaling and tooth polishing decreases the risk of sticky plaque adhering to the tooth surface.

Attending six-monthly dental check-ups and visiting the hygienist is also a great way to maintain good oral health. The hygienist will also provide screenings for the early onset of oral diseases that are otherwise unnoticeable. Dental treatments may be provided when necessary to restore teeth and promote healthy oral function.

Get in touch with us today for information about improving oral hygiene practice. Remember, a healthy mouth encourages a happy smile.

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